8 holiday marketing ideas to highlight your business

8 holiday marketing ideas to highlight your business

8 holiday marketing ideas to highlight your business

Each festive season is perfect to connect with your customers and make them feel part of the brand’s family. For that, we have some cool holiday marketing ideas to help your business show your clients how much you care about them.

A lot of people love the Christmas season or Halloween, but some other holidays such as Mother’s Day, Independence Day, or even climate seasons are perfect to become creative with a festive campaign.

Whether you choose to engage new customers or make something special for the loyal ones, marketing during the holidays is a great opportunity to attract consumers and get more sales.

8 creative and online holiday marketing ideas

In the following list, you will find mainly online marketing tips for the holidays you can run on your e-commerce, email marketing, or Social Media.

So here it goes:

1. Co-create a holiday music playlist

You can use the brand’s social media channels to interact with the users and customers to ask their favorite music for each holiday.

For sure, the marketing team must curate and use a high-quality music playlist that aligns with the season. Play it on the store to get the holiday mood in the house and you can even play it on the website.

Make it public so your clients can listen to it whenever they want. This is a tip to make them feel closer to your brand and feel more sure to consume your products

2. Create a gift buyer’s guide

Each festive time has its own spirit and a buyer’s guide can help that special person to find the perfect gift.

Make a list of gifts for categories like kids, mothers, grandparents or seasonal holidays. Also, make a good visual experience on the eCommerce or Social Media store so the holiday branding reflects the marketing strategy.

If your brand has those cool limited-time holiday-themed products or services, you must include them in the buyer’s guide.

3. Build customer loyalty with gifts

Another way to show love to your customers during the holidays is by creating a promo or a give-away that offers something special.

Small acts of kindness can make a huge impact on your brand. Send the most loyal customers a gift card, an important discount for eCommerce, or send them a personalized product.

Design a good strategy that aligns with the holiday marketing plan. Transform that B2C relationship into an emotional and human bond so you can have a brand advocate.

4. Design holiday email campaigns

You are making a big mistake if you are not running any email marketing campaign on holidays.

These dates are a powerful time to get into your shoppers’ minds. Create a good holiday marketing plan to promote sales with some great copywriting strategies.

Spread the message with your customer list and tell them about your events, promotions, new product arrivals, or special online discounts.

Email campaigns are a strong way in your holiday market plan, to convert those non-clients into new consumers.

5. Run seasonal Google Ads campaigns

No matter the kind of business you have, whether it is electronics, retail, clothing or even insurance, Google Ads is one of the best tools to get seasonal.

Create a holiday marketing campaign targeting shoppers that are searching for products like yours on Google. Get creative with content marketing to promote a group of products or launch some special seasonal discounts in Google Ads, having in mind everyone is looking for ways to cut costs.

This will help you to take up more space in the search results, highlight the offers your company has for the season but mainly, raise awareness of your brand with a higher chance of site visits.

We have some Google Ads holiday marketing tips for your company:

  • Design an SEO strategy and a holiday-related keyword research with seasonal ad copy including words like: ”Mother’s day” or ”Christmas season” keywords

  • Highlight seasonal offers 

  • Communicate a sense of urgency with copies like ”Just 15 more days of discounts” or  ”50% off until Monday” 

  • Set up and schedule ads to bid on your products or services when users are searching for something related to your offer.

6. Set-up Google Shopping Campaigns and increase sales

The holiday season is the perfect time for you to launch a Google Shopping campaign. If you didn’t run it before, you will realize how much you lost previously.

This tool is perfect for those gift shoppers who are busy during the holidays. It is very convenient, agile and accurate for purchases to be done immediately.

Configure your Google Shopping campaign correctly and try to bring high-quality images for your brand to stand out from the competition. This beautiful tool will help you turn those gift searchers into buyers and prospects for the future.

7. Take your brand to the Instagram Ads world

To shine with the best aesthetic photos, the perfect app is Instagram.

With the Instagram Shopping tool you can offer your products in the world of photos and beautiful aesthetic content. It is worth investing time in setting up Instagram Shopping and also investing money in Instagram campaigns to make your holiday marketing strategy a big success.

Be creative and strategic to merge organic content with your ad campaign strategy.

8. Don’t you dare to forget a Black Friday plan

The biggest shopping day of the year must be planned far in advance. This must be included in your quarterly marketing and sales strategy of Halloween, Christmas and New Years Eve season.

For your eCommerce site, get your IT and marketing team together to run a great campaign with unique discounts, catchy designs, a site that supports high-traffic and a fluent user experience to promote your sales.

Make those holiday marketing ideas a goal

Don’t wait to start planning because each season comes up fast. Get together with the whole team and brainstorm those holiday marketing ideas for each holiday so you don’t miss out any special season.

Get pieces in place, think in the emotional vibes you want to bring for each festive time and verify that all your sales and communication channels are working correctly so you don’t miss any sales opportunity.

Your eCommerce site must be optimized to create an excellent customer experience year-round. If you need help with that, get in touch with us.