Top 7 Ecommerce Trends to take advantage

Top 7 Ecommerce Trends to take advantage

Top 7 Ecommerce Trends to take advantage

If you are still wondering about whether or not it’s worth it to migrate to the online world, here’s a little heads up: e-commerce has come to stay.

Online shopping is winning more popularity, and therefore, customers, each day that passes by.

Getting your part of this cake is possible, but you need to act. And do it fast!

Many e-commerce trends can help you boost your online sales, but here are our favorite ones:

  1. Mobile (Shopping) First!

  2. Keep your site simple and friendly

  3. Personalized shopping experience

  4. Augmented reality

  5. Show your products in an appealing way

  6. Social media influencer’s strategy

  7. Embrace sustainable consumption

Top 7 Ecommerce Trends this year

We’ve put together a list of our top 7 e-commerce trends you need to consider when designing your online store strategy in 2022.

Let’s dig a little deeper into each one of them!

1. Mobile (Shopping) first!

According to a study, 1 out of 4 online sales was done via mobile shopping in 2019. That number has only increased until today.

This means that users no longer need to sit down with their computers to do online shopping, now it’s just a little scrolling away.

You must make sure that your website is responsive, so users can get a great customer experience from any device.

We’ve talked a lot about this in our latest post about improving your website’s UX to increase your sales. Don’t forget to check it out!

2. Keep your site simple and friendly

When it comes to designing your mobile store, less is more.

Remember: smartphone screens are no that big, so don’t waste valuable space adding extra information that doesn’t really matter.

Try to think about what users are going to be looking for in your website and make it easy to find.

Add categories, few high-quality images, and a visible call to action.

A call to action is a button with short and concise text that motives the users to take action. For example: ‘buy now’.

3. Personalized shopping experience

There is a lot of information available about your visitors’ motivations, needs, and wishes.

Paying attention to them will help you provide a unique shopping experience for every user that visits your online store.

There are two main ways to achieve this: chatbots and automatic suggestions.

On one hand, a chatbot that pops up whenever a user visits your website is a great idea. It can include the visitor’s name and offer them products depending on their preferences and history.

You’re probably wondering how could you easily access that information. Well, lucky for you, we are big fans of Manychat and Chatfuel, who will happily do the work for you.

On the other hand, setting automatic suggestions based on your visitor’s searches and purchases will convince them to buy or motivate them to buy again.

For instance, if someone is looking for a winter coat, why not offering them the matching gloves that go with it?

4. Augmented reality

63% of customers agree that augmented reality is an excellent tool to enhances an online shopping experience.

One of the biggest impediments for people wanting to buy something online is not knowing how the product will look on them, or in their house, or wherever it’s supposed to go.

Wayfair is a good example of a store that has overcome this issue.

How? Offering their customers augmented reality to help them visualize how a piece of furniture will look in their living room.

5. Show your products in an appealing way

Always keep in mind that customers might feel that online shopping is still risky. They don’t want to feel cheated when the product arrives and they discover its real size, or color, or quality.

To help users trust you, you must showcase the product you offer from every possible angle.

Add multiple pictures and even videos about the product so users can take a real look at it.

Remember that gaining customers’ trust is key if you want to take advantage of these ecommerce trends!

6.  Social media influencer’s strategy

Your brand’s awareness can grow fast and furious if you get the right influencer to collaborate with you.

Influencers have a great number of followers that trust them and feel inspired by them. Influencers are a bit like role models to their followers.

Getting an influencer to say that your product is amazing and to show them using it will improve your brand’s recognition.

However, it’s important that you do a little research before making a deal with an influencer.

You should always make sure the influencer matches your brand’s principles and that their followers are potential customers to you.

7. Sustainable consumption, one of the top ecommerce trends

There is a really important e-commerce trend you should join: sustainable consumption.

Customers are starting to ask ‘who made my clothes?‘, ‘what are my clothes made of?‘, ‘does this brand guarantee that manufacturers get all their rights?‘.

And they won’t buy if they don’t like the answer!

As you can see, making your business an eco-friendly store is not only responsible but also profitable!

Did you like this article? Which one is your favorite eCommerce trend?