Top 15 benefits of ecommerce for your business

Top 15 benefits of ecommerce for your business

Top 15 benefits of ecommerce for your business

We are not afraid to ensure that the vast majority of our readers have, at some point, purchased a product (or service) online whilst procrastinating on a sofa on a lazy Sunday.

Not just because ecommerce is widely popular we may assume that everybody knows the benefits of it.

This article aims to cover 15 benefits of having an ecommerce business so that you can choose whether you would dive into this online business word or not. 

Knowing the advantage of having an online company would keep you motivated along your businessman journey. 

So, you are here to learn about the benefits of the ecommerce business. First on the list is the low cost of maintenance among other advantages such as selling worldwide, the customization purchasing experience, and more.

At the end of this article, you would know everything you need to decide if starting an online brand is right for your company.

Entering the ecommerce company world would not only make your customer’s lives easier, but it will provide you with real-time data of their preferences, their experience, and increase your sales

With the popularization of the internet and the expansion of technology (not to mention 2020 worldwide lockdown), online shopping has been highly chosen by a great number of customers over traditional shopping. 

Top 15 benefits of ecommerce for your business

Let’s unearth the mystery and see by our own eyes which are the benefits of using ecommerce over traditional shopping.

1. Low financial cost

One of the first benefits that come to mind is the economic benefit: ecommerce brands have lower startup costs than traditional ones. 

Physical retail stores may pay a lot of money to rent a store location, and it would pay even more if the location is in a trendy-know place.

They also have secondary expenses such as store design, signs, inventory, sales equipment, trained staff, security system and security staff, and more.

Your company’s needs may differ from other companies, but most certainly you would only need to hire employees when you outgrow your actual management capacity.

And, when you do hire them, they can work remotely allowing you to hire staff that really fit your company’s requirements and forgetting about the geographical limitations. 

Online branding would also make you save money because the design of a logo and brand is usually less expensive than the store sign. 

Lower business expenses are one of the most attractive advantages of e-commerce. 

2. 24/7 Open store

Another clear advantage of ecommerce is that online stores work on Sundays, holidays, and have no sick days!

With social media ads, you can attract customers at any time, from any timezone. 

It is difficult to have a retail store open 24 hours a day.

Not only is it expensive, but it is also really impractical: your store would most likely have its rush hours but after this, maintaining the shop open would only make you lose money.

On an ecommerce, you do not need to have employees working extra hours, or night shifts to adequately meet customers’ requests.

And, when in doubt you simply could automate an email or social media response making the customer know when to expect a human-non-AI reply.

And one more advantage: you do not need to hire a security guard!

3. Worldwide sales!

It is frequently difficult to achieve worldwide shipping with a physical store. Opening a branch office abroad is commonly expensive, tedious, risky, and complicated.

With ecommerce not only are you not limited by time, but you are also not limited by geography! Your brand could be reached from anywhere in the world.

You can discover different target customers in Europe than in South America, than in Asia, and you could potentially adapt your business to sell them equally. 

Eventually, you would have to solve the shipping problem: nowadays many great renowned shipping companies reach customers worldwide. This allows you to adapt your pricing to your shipping options and competition abroad. 

Being able to sell around the globe would make your brand grow a lot easier and a lot faster allowing you to design an marketing strategy that would boost that growth.

4. Easy to Showcase Bestsellers

Another advantage of ecommerce is that you can have specific publicity for your product personalized to different audiences. 

Different ways of displaying your best-sellers make it simpler to show off your star-products to your potential audience. 

Compared to walking through aisles and shelves, web surfing is not only easier, it is fun! 

You can use positive feedback from customers to prove the quality of your products showing your potential audience that other customers bought them and were pleased with their purchase. 

Amazon does this pretty well.

Another benefit to this online showcase is that the quality of your product may stay intact and will not get degraded due to various factors as it would happen in a retail store.

You can take advantage of advanced product photography and add great pictures of the products to their online descriptions to persuade customers into buying them. 

5. Personalized Online Experience

Having an ecommerce store means you can customize your website to enhance the online shopping experience. 

You may customize your website depending on the shopping preference of your different target audience.

This can motivate them to expend money on your store without much extra work on your part.

This would be impossible in a physical store: you could never rearrange the design, furniture, and ways of paying for every different audience. 

With an ecommerce business, you can plan your strategy and then relax.

6. Better chance to communicate with the customers

The most common way to not lose contact with a customer is by email. When you have a physical store you do not always get access to your customer’s email address. 

Nevertheless, the email direction of every one of your customers (and sometimes even your potential customers) is one of the most valued information you get on your website. 

Once you have your customer’s email you can keep in touch by adding them to your personalized email marketing campaigns.

7. Affordable labor charges

Most certainly, almost every employee of an ecommerce store works as a virtual assistant.

It is widely known that payrolls are more affordable while keeping high-quality expert customer service work.

This is one of the ever-growing reasons why having an ecommerce business is an affordable option.

8. Feedback and reviews

Every successful company must have its customers experience, testimony, and feedback on their website. 

Displaying the opinions of your actual customers increases the chances for potential customers to buy from your business.

Seeing the positive feedback your customers have on your products may encourage them to expend their money confidently.

9. Marketing and advertising

As the use of social media marketing and advertising grows exponentially over time, every user is one click away from your website. 

Nowadays, most social media platforms offer ways to advertise your company, such as Facebook, Instagram, and more.

Every viewer will get to your website with just one click. 

10. Bulk orders made easier

It is really difficult to buy in bulk in a retail store for many reasons: stock, storage space, take away strategy, etc.

This is another advantage of ecommerce stores, buying in bulk is easy. 

With your ecommerce business, you can meet your customer needs more easily. 

Shipping policies from a wide range of shipping companies also help facilitate this way of shopping. 

11. Easy way to gain customer by search engine visibility

Every retail store depends greatly on branding and customer interactions and recommendations to attract more customers to your shop.

On the other hand, ecommerce gets most of its traffic from search engines. 

More than 30% of any website traffic comes from organic searches on search engines. To this advertisement, online marketing and social media traffic must be added.

12. Lower investment

An ecommerce website demands a reasonably low investment and maintenance cost compared to a retail store. 

To reach maximum exploitation of your website store you would have to enhance your organic search, social media traffic, and pay per click. 

Also, it is much less expensive to open an online store than a retail one. 

13. Locate product quickly

Every one of us has been in a hurry running up and down a shop aisle trying to localize what made you go to the store in the first place

Most of the time you would not find it and would have to ask some of the employees to help you find it

Sometimes, even with this helping hand, you would leave the store empty-handed. 

This would not happen in an ecommerce store

You just need to ensure your website is intuitive and has a sturdy search engine and everything would go as planned. 

14. Save travel time and cost

One of the most important reasons why people prefer online shopping more than traditional shopping is because online shopping is faster and cheaper.

To buy in a retail store the customer would have to leave his home, travel to the store, purchase the product, leave the store with the product (consider the extra complication if we increase the size of it) and get back home. 

In an ecommerce store, the customer would only need to enter the store’s website with a few clicks while having its favorite drink and resting on the couch.

15. Abundance of information one of the benefits of ecommerce

The information a product can have in a retail store is usually written on the product and is limited by brand design and size.

In an ecommerce store, additional information can easily be provided to the customer to enhance the purchase of the product by giving the client everything it needs to know about it.

An ecommerce business is the easiest way to sustain economically any business while increasing the customer reach, positive client experience, and sales!

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