How to determine if your Netsuite account has SCA

How to determine if your Netsuite account has SCA

How to determine if your Netsuite account has SCA

In this brief guide, we will show you how to determine if your Netsuite account has SuiteCommerce Advanced. Hope it’s useful for you!

To determine the platform and version of a SuiteCommerce Advanced (SCA) site, there are some ways to do so.

The first step is to verify if the site has been built on a Netsuite Platform. Afterward, check if it was developed in SCA or Site Builder (SB). And last but not least, verify the version of SuiteCommerce Advanced.

Remember that most of a legacy website can be built-in Site Builder but it is possible that the checkout system is upgraded to use more advanced tools of SCA.

Verify the site manufacturer

To identify the platform a website is built-in, there are some identification tools that can help to determine it. They can be used in many ways and some of them have Chrome browser tools, making the analysis process easier.

An easy-to-use the website is WhatCMS. It detects the Netsuite CMS but it is not common the verification of the version.


The other two platforms are Wappalyzer and BuiltWith. Both work well to identify if the site is using NetSuite and will probably help to verify if it uses Site Builder or SCA. This is possible by detecting Backbone.js, the tool that indicates the website manufacturer.

NetSuite Website: is it SiteBuilder or SC/SCA?

A website in Site Builder has an old and antiquate look, they are not mobile-friendly and mainly, the URL contains http and not https.

On the other hand, a SCA site is able to resize to any device form, it has advanced functionalities and will probably have a slide image gallery at the top.

With Netsuite Access: Site Builder or SCA?

  • Go to Setup > Site Builder or Setup > SuiteCommerce Advanced.

  • The site is on SCA if it was built out with production data and the associated domain is live.

  • All SCA implementations include Site Builder, so its presence means nothing.

Without NetSuite Access: Site Builder or SCA?

  • First of all, verify if it is SB or SCA with some of the identification tools described above.

  • Use the network tab within the browser console to inspect the website’s homepage.

    • Search for the word “environment”.

    • Site Builder – If you don’t find any .ssp files, it probably is Site Builder.

    • SCA 1.0 – If you find a file ”…shopflow-X-XX-X/sc.environment.ssp” it probably is SCA 1.0.

    • Standard and SCA 2.0 – It is more likely to be Standard or SCA if you find .ssp files with the pattern“…/sca-dev-elbrus/shopping.environment.ssp”

    • If this search filter with the word “environment” does not give you any results, try with “sca-dev” or “suitecommerce”.

What version does my  SCA Website has?

Now let’s find out how to determine the version of your SCA website.

Code inspection

  • Open the website on navigator > Search Console for “body”.

  • If the site was built in SCA or SC, the version and date should be underneath the body tag as an HTML comment