5 reasons why customer satisfaction is important

5 reasons why customer satisfaction is important

5 reasons why customer satisfaction is important

If you want to have a successful business, you should never ignore customer satisfaction. This is one of the main factors to always keep an eye on, no matter the business field your brand is in. 

It is no longer enough to be the pioneer in the market or to hire the most followed influencer or celebrity to sell. Times have changed and with it the way in which consumers think, and this leads us to change our buying habits.

Nowadays, the consumer has a lot of choices to make when is time to purchase a product or service. They have 20 or 50 brands that offer the same type of product, so they will have some things to consider while choosing the right one. So, how to get them to consume yours?  If you think customer satisfaction is the way, keep reading this post so we will show you the importance of customer satisfaction.

What is customer satisfaction?

Customer satisfaction is the measurement companies have to determine how the clients are feeling about the product or services you provide. It is an indicator that helps companies to know the loyalty and satisfaction of customers.

In the social media era, customer satisfaction is something to track and most importantly, to work on improving when is needed. If you don’t care about making your clients feel safe to give you their money, don’t expect they will become a brand ambassador magically.

You need to win their hearts. Make them feel comfortable, safe, and sure you are paying attention to them. High-quality customer service can help with that and most of all will make your business stand out from the rest of the target companies.

Well, you already want to improve your customer satisfaction? You must consider verifying these 3 elements:

  1. Product or service: At this point, you must do a deep analysis of what your company offers. First of all, make sure you know what you and the team thinks about the product or service. Do some product research. Become a client, observe the purchasing process and see how you feel about it. Then you can start asking customers.

  2. Quality: In case you offer a product, get it back in your hands to prove it meets your expectations. If it is a service and you can use it, do it and analyze if the service experience is good or not. Otherwise, ask for someone you trust who can use the service and ask them for their opinion.

  3. Work environment: A happy employee projects it to the customers and that is also part of making a client feel satisfied and close to your brand. Give importance to improving relationships between them and that will talk great about your brand. Prepare a work climate survey to find out how your workforce is feeling and what they need to do better.

  4. Distribution channels: Are your distribution channels working effectively? If it has some gaps to improve, work on it and make sure it is not a reason why customers are not coming back. Online purchases have changed all the market rules and you must consider optimizing this channel in order to make your customers feel satisfied. Make an order to your neighbor’s house or to someone close to you and check the state in which the product arrives. Pay more attention to your distributors, verify the treatment they give the product, and make sure that the customer is receiving quality products without damages.

5 reasons why customer satisfaction is important

Customer satisfaction is important but also is a smart investment for your company. Here you have some reasons why.

#1: A loyal customer becomes a brand ambassador

Think about how much effort and investment in time, strategies, and money it would take to attract new customers versus investing in customer satisfaction, for the ones you already have. Focusing on retaining and caring for customers might be cheaper and even more effective.

Some studies indicate that it is more expensive to look for new clients than to invest in taking care of current ones. Think about how your bank or your mobile provider tries to communicate with you. They are among those companies who invest the most effort in stay close with you, in meeting your expectations, and they are interested to know if you are satisfied with the service.

Seek the satisfaction and happiness of customers who already know your brand. They are the treasure that you must take care of in your business since they also become ambassadors of your brand and there is no better advertising than the real testimony of a client who tests and approves your product or service.

Take this point into account when organizing your customer service processes in order to improve customer satisfaction.

#2: A poor customer service can result in the closure of the business

We know that it is very difficult to deliver good customer service, but poor customer service can result in the closure of your business. Earning the trust of customers is important and you should take effort into it to compensate for any negative experiences.

Customer satisfaction won’t last forever, it is a relationship for which we must constantly work and take care of. First of all, make sure they want to be in touch with you, then send questions, offer support, and also include them in the list of customers who want to receive personalized messages and offers.

To find out how they feel about your brand, you can implement a digital customer satisfaction survey to find out how they rate your company. Find the right method to communicate with your customers and gather information.

We know you are looking for loyalty and gratitude. It is like a regular relationship,  you will have to take care of your customers and keep them satisfied. If your company becomes one of the brands that assume their buyers will return just for the product itself, negative results will be around the corner.

Make decisions to retain your customers. Analyze the possibilities your company has and find out the way you can collect data to determine the next steps to perform better and achieve a good customer satisfaction strategy.

#3: It is the way to implement a customer service policy

Besides defining your customer service guidelines, you must make sure all your employees know it and also know how to daily apply it regardless of their work within the company. This will save you time, money, and effort.

By having service policies, everyone will know how to act in a certain situation or what is the protocol to follow, who to turn to, or inform to solve the situation and give the best customer service.

Avoid situations when clients feel lost and employees don’t help them or don’t know the person that can solve the problem.  This can cause great annoyance to customers.

Don’t let your clients get upset because you don’t serve them on time. The least you can do is letting them know that the request has already been received and work is being done to bring a solution as soon as possible. Time is one of the fundamental factors in achieving customer satisfaction, so do your best to give them the attention they require.

A policy and its guideline can solve plenty of situations for achieving more satisfied customers.

#4: Make customers choose you to spend their money

A happy customer won’t look at your competitor’s offers, they will choose your brand, make a purchase and come back again in the future if they need it. Yes, they can find some other place where the product is cheaper, but if they trust you and meet all of their requirements, they will spend the money on your business.

And of course, your company will increase revenues thanks to the delivery of a high-quality service.

#5: Good customer satisfaction makes you stand out

No company is free to make mistakes and the competition knows it. They are waiting for you to screw up to take advantage of it and attract customers who decide not to trust your business anymore.

When you have a good quality of customer satisfaction, your customers will become part of your crisis management strategy in adverse situations and will support you if you make a mistake.

Being prepared for the instigation of competition is not enough, you must have created a network of satisfied customers who have solid and real arguments to convince others of the quality of your service.


It is time to face the truth. 

Get your team together and analyze how do you feel about your product or service. Make a survey for customers and ask the proper questions to know how they feel about your brand and don’t avoid the awkward questions.

Be honest and recognize the weaknesses of your customer service in order to improve it and to provide great customer service that satisfies your target audience and your brand. 

Everyone wins. They get the proper service and feel good when purchasing and you get revenue.

You can always do better and it is time to go for it.