The 7 best chatbots for eCommerce

The 7 best chatbots for eCommerce

The 7 best chatbots for eCommerce

The way people shop today has changed and the best chatbots for eCommerce have come to the rescue.

Businesses are taking advantage of the consumer’s ”buy-now” mindset by changing the marketing strategy and implementing chatbots for customer service.

These virtual partners are intelligent systems designed to deal with specific tasks to communicate and interact with users by text to respond to questions, give some easy instructions, take orders, provide information, or even suggest suitable products. It can work on the most used platforms such as Facebook Messenger, Telegram, WhatsApp, Websites, etc.

For now, chatbots are no substitute for classic customer service. It is just a faster and agile solution to simple shopping and delivery issues. This also allows companies to optimize human resources to deliver better experiences in other business areas.

Long story short, they are customer-service tools that complement human activity that can handle simple requests and offers 24/7 emergency service.

The 3 main chatbot benefits

According to Facebook IQ 2018, 67% of millennials expressed expectations to get in touch with the brand’s chatbots to purchase products and services. This confirms the prediction some marketing firms, most B2C communications will be chat-based in the 20s.

They became key fixtures to customer service operations and organizations are being delivered by these main benefits:

1. Lower costs, higher productivity

Daily lookups are time-consuming, and companies lose productivity costs on them. A simple conversation with a chatbot is enough to get a quick and specific answer, so you can invest your time in other tasks.

2. Available anytime and anywhere

Chatbots are AI-driven and users can make requests 24/7. That means they don’t require human intervention and most of all are available in multiple languages.

3. Improve the user experience

Sometimes users need help with particular tasks on eCommerce and the chatbot will always deliver an answer. Whether it is a specific answer or maybe a user’s guide, it will deliver something to help the customer find an answer. Chatbots have high reliability and users benefit from them.

7 best chatbots for eCommerce

In no particular order, here it goes:

1. Oracle Digital Assistant


The assistant of Oracle allows businesses to build conversational interfaces for cloud and on-premises applications that can be deployed to multiple channels including web, mobile, and messaging platforms.

It is integrated with multiple applications that let companies enhance finances and operation processes to allow users to work seamlessly across multiple applications. It has bots focused on specific tasks that make it easy for users to access data, submissions, or approvals.

Some of the main advantages of Oracle DA:

  • Team collaboration. It works on any device and popular messaging platforms like Facebook Messenger, Microsoft Teams, and Slack Teams. Oracle DA can get access to data and insights from the conversations and even operate relevant actions.

  • AI-supported voice commands. Oracle DA can understand what it’s being requested thanks to natural language processing (NLP) and AI, and also offer recommendations to the team. Besides, it supports industry-specific terminology.

  • Automate manual tasks. As an AI-driven assistant, it helps finance or sales teams to save time and resources by reviewing data and preventing human mistakes. This enables sales teams to work on other strategic initiatives.

  • Optimized collaboration with real-time intelligence. The assistant let Supply Chain Management & Manufacturing teams send status updates to employees and customers in real-time while empowering collaboration.

2. Chatfuel


The chatbot of Adidas, Lego and T-Mobile.

It is one of the best chatbots for eCommerce nowadays and is an easy-to-use platform, with different editing tools and no coding or previous experience required. It stands out for its Facebook Messenger chatbots.

It allows you to create your own conversational rules so, the NLP will send users predefined answers to help them with customer service advice or as an event assistant. Chatfuel also has a useful feature that adds the customer contact information to the database, so you can reach them in the future.

This chatbot aims to increase the user experience and improve sales volumes. In fact, it helped HelloFresh to increase 47% of total conversions and reduce 76% of customers’ wait time.

Chatfuel’s analytics provides insights into the performance of the bot and reduces customer service efforts by being available to interact with customers 24/7.

3. Hybrid


As the name itself, it is a hybrid human-chatbot messaging platform powered by AI that makes your business always available.

This customer-friendly technology allows human agents to take over the chat anytime to add a plus to the user experience and never lose a lead.

It comes with pre-built bots that you can test on your eCommerce but also can build your own experiences using simple spreadsheets to easily automate conversations that can take email addresses, text, phone numbers, names, or URLs from customers.

This will help reduce the cost of talent and time costs required to operate your eCommerce with a beautifully designed chat that automates the workflow.

Other delightful benefits from

  • Chatbots are AI-trained to auto-complete questions using a knowledge repository.

  • Multiple user responses by A/B testing to enhance user experience.

  • A new direction to chat flow by adding buttons

  • A more engaging chat flow with images and GIFs

  • Emojis available to emphasize with customers and improve the conversational experience.

  • Easy integration with websites and Facebook and sync with an email list.

  • More than 1000 software integrations

Additionally, was listed as one of the best live chat software of 2021 by and had the Fall 2020 award of best value chatbot by SoftwareSuggest, being described as a perfect blend of human and Artificial Intelligence.

4. Amelia


The IPsoft designed chatbot is Amelia, the most human AI agent that comes with conversational and cognitive learning abilities.

This service was created to become a digital employee with a life-like interactive avatar capable of recognizing patterns and emotional responses. Besides answering simple questions, Amelia offers an advanced-level service to more complex requests such as eCommerce legal documents and deeper business processes.

Amelia can have a fluent conversation, for voice or text, with pauses, interruptions, and the right words she had learned from human interactions through the use of semantic memory. This way she recognizes patterns to deliver a more natural human interaction and saves customer contact center resources.

For example, she detects customers’ moods and then adapts the content of her responses to create a better mood to improve the personal experience for each user.

  • Advanced analytics: With her machine learning abilities she can analyze data from every interaction combined with advanced data held in the company’s core systems to make real-time decisions to bring better outcomes.

  • Smart workflow: She can interact with complex dialogues with customers but also interact with coworkers. It can be integrated easily with SAP and Oracle to deliver end-to-end results and streamline the execution of back-end processes.

  • Experience management: Amelia brings the most appropriate answer from her multiple knowledge engines to keep the dialogue progressing with eloquence. When she needs to pass the call to a human colleague, she swiftly gives relevant information so the conversation can continue fluently without repeating some required data.

  • Supervised Automated Learning. She constantly improves her performance and updates her knowledge database by learning from her human colleague’s activities, but also expands her inventory of self-learning tools with the extraction of data from large documents.

The service can work for businesses and public service and perform in IT, health insurance, financial services, telecom, gaming, hotels, medical supplies, and more.

5. Botsociety


The California-based company named Botsociety,has this eCommerce chatbot that stands out with its conversational design.

This intuitive interface system is compatible with WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Alexa Skill, websites, and apps. Also, can be exported and shared with multiple platforms and internal and external shareholders can access the bot’s code and use it across apps.

It has the option to customize code and includes features like voice assistant, audiovisual resources within conversations, and API integration.

The technology works magnificently well as a prototyping tool for the design team and they can test diverse conversation journeys, edit intentions, and variables before launching.

Some features:

Create interactive prototypesDesign for any interfaceInstant one-click previewExport to Rasa, Azura, Dialogflow and more.Download video and PDFIntegrate using our API

Botsociety is used by AirFrance and Accenture and is one of the leading and easy-to-use platforms for customer service.

6. Manychat


ManyChat is a chatbot that automates and combines the high traffic of Facebook Messenger and SMS to provide a fast, simple and personalized experience with interactive and tailored content to customers.

It integrates seamlessly with ConvertKit, Hubspot, Google Sheets, MailChimp and more, so you can connect these tools with the chatbot and it will work smoothly together. The platform creates bots for marketing, sales, gives support and more, in order to grow the ROI and revenue.

More than 1,3 billion Messenger users worldwide are able to interact with ManyChat’s service and more than 1 billion businesses have trusted it for the monthly B2C conversations.

Its visual drag and drop bot-builder is an easy-to-build tool that allows you to custom the template for your specific business, even for newbies on bots world. 

It has two interfaces, The Basic Builder and The Flow Builder.

  • With The Basic Builder, the content of your chatbot keeps more organized and all the messages of a certain flow are presented in order.

  • The Flow Builder gives you a more visual approach to edit your chatbot with the visual drag and drop interface. It also can connect messages with each other in order to bring a more structured overview of your chatbot’s content

Manychat also helps to grow your Messenger audience with some tools and broadcast content to all the subscribers that are kept on your database once they signed up. If users have delays or perform some actions on networks such as RSS, Twitter, Youtube and Facebook, automated marketing messages can be sent.

It has a structured and flexible interface, a lot of chatbot elements, many integrations, and lots of possibilities to grow your chatbot.

7. Botsify


In a rush to get a good chatbot set up and working fast?

Maybe Botsify is the right one for your business.

It is an easy-to-use tool so you don’t need any programming or coding knowledge and comes easily integrated and embedded with websites.

This chatbot service was developed with artificial intelligence to work on websites, Facebook pages, apps, or SMS with the ability to personalize tasks, automate customer support, and increase user experience and sales.

It can create multiple chatbots one time and use them in different tasks, so you can effectively handle more than one task at once. Also can be taught to handle advanced requests, give an answer to it or notice when the help of a live agent is required.

The platform collects information from users and puts it into conversation forms and offers plugins for integration of your platform with the chatbot via JSON API or RSS Feed.

Their customers include Apple, Unicef and Shazam.