Netsuite Customization Guide: Everything you need to know

Netsuite Customization Guide: Everything you need to know

Netsuite Customization Guide: Everything you need to know

In this Netsuite customization guide we want to introduce you the tools, configurations and customizations that can be done in Netsuite. This in order to help you decide on the benefits of Netsuite Customization so the development of your project is more personalized according to your type of business.

Why do you need to customize your NetSuite experience?

You need to customize your Netsuite Experience because you want results from the exact requirements that your company needs and NetSuite experience will provide you what you need.

Every business has its needs and customization will help you to manage data, customize software products and applications, or complete tasks to boost overall performance and user requirements.

To help you decide, in this Netsuite customization guide you will find the main customizations that can add vital features to your business.

Most common NetSuite customizations

All the following customization services are available in SiteCloud, the customization platform of NetSuite.

1. Customize forms


To enter information into the NetSuite you will need to create pages of Forms. These standard forms can be customized to suit and perform better with your business site.

The new custom form can be set as a default form for a page or select it when you need it. The form preferences can be controlled and modified on the custom forms page.

2. Customization fields

For you to gather and store the information you want on Netsuite’s records, custom fields will be the right choice.

It has a wide variety of field types:

  • Item and entity fields

  • CRM fields

  • Body and line transaction fields

  • Item number fields

  • Record and sub-list fields

3. SuiteScript


Netsuite’s Javascript-based platform is called Suitescript and it allows complete customization and computerization of business processes. This includes segments such as Programmed SuiteScript, Client SuiteScript, Portlet SuiteScript, SuiteScript UI Objects, and more.

With this tool, you can create new functions, processes, and applications that can be hosted in NetSuite. SuiteScript stands out for its capacities, such as Scheduled SuiteScript, Automatic dependency management, Contemporary Programming, and intuitive code.

The main advantages of SuiteScript are that it allows calculating custom purchase pricing, proper server-side scripting support, the transaction processes are automated but, mainly, the biggest advantage is that professional users can create a good responsive business logic in Netsuite.

4. SuiteTalk

SuiteTalk a default and available for all users tool to help with integrations of third-party applications in NetSuite.

It can also be used to create your own custom mobile application, manage user login credentials, create, update or delete records, or perform saved searches.

SuiteTalk has support for programming languages like Java, C#, and PHP. NetSuite supports Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) based integration method that sends XML-based requests to-and-from NetSuite, to help with easy integration with other systems. With the predefined operations, it can perform all the essential actions to provide a clear and consistent result to perform seamlessly in the native NetSuite user interface.

It has some strong security features like SuiteSignOn, User credentials, and Token-based authentication.

Anyhow, NetSuite allows other integration methods like RESTlets and Suitelets.

With RESTlets you can write custom web service with REST architecture and with Suitelets developers can create open scripts that work without login, in order to help with authentication problems.

Last but not least, Scheduled Scripts . If the integration is planned to be executed periodically instead of in real-time, you can write Scheduled Scripts.

In short, SuiteTalk is the web services integration tool to integrate third-party apps with NetSuite and is essential to ensure security and reliable communication with the platform.

5. SuiteBuilder

To customize and configure Netsuite with an easy-to-use tool you can use SuiteBuilder. It is a point and clicks interface that allows users to tailor Netsuite according to their needs.

It is mainly used by administrators, the IT Team and developers, and is intended to control and bring a smooth user experience and interactions.

SiteBuilder provides a graphical user interface to create or edit forms, layouts, transaction types, form layouts, color themes, records, or objects. Also to custom lists, roles, record re-naming, centers, tabs, and sub-tabs.

In few words, a toolset to configure and create layouts without code abilities.

6. Personalized customizations

By the way of example, we will show you a project we made for a client.


We developed a customization project for Cartridges Direct with the implementation of a simple configurator named ”Find your cartridge in 3 steps”. It is a form of 3 inputs to choose your printer brand, family and model and it will give you the right cartridges for that printer.

A customization project is the one we developed for Cartridges Direct.

It is a customized template, in the header of the home page, that allows customers to reduce their search time and have an easy solution for what they’re looking for.

A custom-crafted solution made with SuiteCommerce Advanced.