Best Netsuite Apps: Features & Top Applications

Best Netsuite Apps: Features & Top Applications

Best Netsuite Apps: Features & Top Applications

In this post we have gathered the best NetSuite apps you should integrate to speed up your main business processes and boost your sales by generating a better user experience and increasing your engagement levels within your customers. 

We have selected our top 8 extensions for SuiteCommerce and our 6 favorite extensions for NetSuite in general terms. 

Let’s see why we recommend each of them!

Best SuiteCommerce Apps in 2022

Let’s start with the best SuiteCommerce Apps this year:

8. Google Tag Manager Editor


The GTM editor makes editing and managing your Google Tag Manager tags really easy. While it would normally involve a lot of specific knowledge to do it, The GTM editor takes care of every technical aspect of this task.

Therefore, you can forget about the source code. All you have to worry about is manage tracking, marketing optimization, and analytics tags.

The user experience can also be upgraded if you choose to integrate Google Ads, Google Analytics, LiveChat, or other third-party services.

7. Testimonials


There is no better advertising for your brand than happy clients telling people about their great experience.

Getting a potential client to trust you is hard, so letting your satisfying clients give them their testimonials is a smart strategy

The Testimonials app for SuiteCommerce enables you to add three customer testimonials to your website, and even insert text and images to complement them.

This is a great NetSuite’s marketing app that also offers a wide variety of layouts so you can customize it as you wish.

6. Checkout fields


This app lets you add custom transaction fields for text, checkboxes, or dates to improve the checkout experience for your customers

With the Web Store Custom Fields extension, you could add a field to request delivery instructions before the shipping method or request feedback on the transaction before the payment method. 

This extension lets you add any field in every step of the process!

5. SuiteCommerce Blog


NetSuite’s blog extension lets you include a blog on your website to generate content and increase engagement levels since you are giving your audience something they care about. 

However, if you wish to increase the demand for products in alternative digital channels, we at Broken Rubik have developed a blog extension that follows every Search Engine Optimization requirements and can help you boost your sales. You can contact us if you want a customized solution. 

Our blog extension is ready to match your web development and your business’s needs. 

4. SuiteCommerce Feed Generator


This SuiteCommerce Feed Generator is the perfect suit to those businesses that want to share their product inventory in a consistent and unique format along their multiple channels.

Adding the Product and Promotions Feed Generator is ideal for that.

3. SuiteCommerce Featured Product


This SuiteCommerce extension is the easiest way to let customers know when there is a new product or a special offer they shouldn’t miss.

Just drag and drop into your website the item you would like to highlight

You can even show its price, whether it is on stock or not, and add a ribbon to make it showier.

This extension is perfect to increase sales on a certain item.

2. SuiteCommerce Shipping bar


The Shipping Bar extension is one of our favourite SuiteCommerce Apps. This app enables you to offer free shipping or give special discounts on the shipping pricing to the customers you choose.

It is designed to show dynamic messages to tell your customers how much they need to spend to get free shipping or a special discount.

It only requires you to establish a minimum cart value to access the special rate shipping!

1. Address validators: Loqate and Addrexx


Validating your address is a common issue. Lucky for you, there are many third-party services to help you with that, such as Loqate and Addrexx.

Loqate is an app for SuiteCommerce that allows you to verify your address with the most accurate global location data

Addrexx offers real-time address validation for both billing and shipping addresses


Even though it is not an official suiteApp, we at Broken Rubik offer integrators with different trackers like Facebook pixel and Hotjar.

Best NetSuite Apps in 2022

Now we are done commenting on our favorite extensions for SuiteCommerce, let’s continue with a complete list with the best apps for NetSuite in 2022.

6. Celigo


Celigo offers great extensions to integrate with other systems, such as Celigo’s Shopify Connector, Celigo’s Magento Connector, Celigo’s BigCommerce Connector, and Celigo’s SuiteBilling to Salesforce Connector Add On.

Celigo’s Magento-NetSuite SmartConnector takes care that you never lose an order and that your orders are always fulfilled accurately and in time.

This extension was built on Celilgo’s integration iPaaS platform to generate a prebuilt, fully managed integration with advanced options to install and manage without any need for IT support

Celigo BigCommerce – NetSuite Connector allows retailers to mix the BigCommerce eCommerce platform with NetSuite’s back-office features.

This Celigo extension is automated to enable you to focus on the main activities at the core of your business instead of wasting time worrying about syncing BigCommerce Webstore and NetSuite accounts.

With this Celigo SuiteBilling integration, you can synchronize Subscription Plans, Price books, Billing Account, Subscriptions, Opportunities, Sales Orders, Customers, Contacts, Change Orders, and other key data between SuiteBilling and Salesforce.

By doing so, subscription-based businesses can streamline quote-to-cash.

What’s more, this is the only prebuilt full-featured integration for NetSuite SuiteBilling and Salesforce.

5. Boomi


This integration platform connects any cloud combination with on-premises applications to automate and speed up business processes

Boomi is a 100% cloud-based platform that also enables Integration, Master Data Management, API Management, ETL, and EDI.

4. Bill


Paying your bills from NetSuite is possible thanks to this Bill extension. Thanks to that, annoying paperwork is off the table

With Bill, you can pay bills online or by check, pay directly to a vendor’s bank account, and even print and mail a check automatically!

This check printing app could save you a lot of time.

3. Bronto


The Bronto Connector is a NetSuite app that offers a pre-built integration to allow bi-directional data exchange with NetSuite’s ERP, Bronto, and e-commerce solutions

It also provides marketers with tons of information to appeal to customers with highly customized email marketing campaigns

2. Solupay


Credit and debit card payments get more secure and easy to accept thanks to this Solupay extension. A gem between the NetSuite Apps.

There are also many other useful features available, such as Interchange Optimization, Level III Purchasing Card Support, Advanced Fraud Management with our 3D Secure Advanced, Alternative Payments Acceptance, Dedicated Relationship Management.

1. Vagolix Inventory Planning


This NetSuite extension provides you with a web-based inventory planning software that includes every feature needed for your inventory management.

This includes managing unlimited items in different locations, creating automated forecasts, replenishment plans, and optimized inventory.It is easy to use and, what’s more, its price makes it affordable for any company.

These were our favorite NetSuite apps of the year.

Which NetSuite app do you recommend and why?