7 product recommendation examples for your eCommerce strategy

7 product recommendation examples for your eCommerce strategy

7 product recommendation examples for your eCommerce strategy

In this blog post, you will find some product recommendation examples as an inspiration to achieve more sales on your eCommerce site and also your email marketing campaigns.

Buy, why it is important for a searcher to have some product recommendations?

Well,  imagine you are a searcher. You’re looking for a specific product on an eCommerce and it isn’t what you were expecting. The company can lose you as a customer just because they didn’t bring you any result or they can show you a list of products that can suit your search.

That’s what product recommendations is, a list of products that are related to the search or some others that are based on the previous search.

Suggested products can boost the chances of showing the product each user is looking for, but also, transform customer interactions into conversions and brand trust.

So now let’s explore some product recommendation examples for your business.

7 product recommendation examples

Here it goes:

1. Similar products

This product recommendation section suggests similar products that are related to the product on the current page. It is based on some product information like category, name, brand, or tags.

It shows alternatives allowing users to find other options of the same product with different prices or another product that suits the current one. For example, if you are looking for furniture to redecorate your living room and you find a nice table but it is not the color you want, the similar product section can show a range of alternatives to that table and you will probably like or even buy one of them.

DIYHomecenter displays similar products when you look for interior hardwood penetrating oil:


At the top, you see the product and page down, the similar product section is shown:


2. New arrivals or  products

We have a lot of expectations and interest for new products because something new must be better, right?

Recommend newest products is a good tactic because it builds excitement and drives attention.

Create a product recommendation for new arrivals to promote and raise awareness of new products available in your store. It will work well on the homepage, category pages, and some marketing emails.

This section works perfectly for brands that have lots of seasonal changes like supermarkets, fashion, and beauty, or sportswear.

3. ”Trending” or ”Other customers bought”

This product recommendation section could show your best sellers, most frequently bought items, or most browsed ones

People like to follow trends and customers are more likely to get convinced by other shoppers’ purchases. So use your website data to recommend similar products to people with similar interests. It is a great way to optimize the purchase possibilities based on the data you already have.

An example of ”Best selling products” in Flowwall is shown on the home page.


4. Purchased together

This product recommendation example is also found like ”Frequently bought with this” and it is a strategy to show customers complementary products.

A customer who buys a bicycle maybe needs a bike pump or a helmet. So use the opportunity to cross-sell!

A great place to use this tactic is on your checkout page, so you can increase the order experience for the client and the value of the purchase. Another good strategy is to send emails after purchase to show customers some options they’ve missed and would like to add to the original purchase.

5. Search pages

A search page is also a place to take into consideration for a product recommendation section. It can show what other customers have viewed and purchased. Add the most viewed products and product ratings to drive attention.

Take advantage of grammar misspellings and typos. Incorporate intelligent recommendation items, so when customers have a typing mistake your platform can display similar items with that term.

For Amazon, this is a great opportunity:


6. 404 pages

Turn mistakes or errors into sales opportunities.

Lead a shopper into a product recommendation section on a 404 page and use some previously viewed products or popular items, when this issue comes into the user experience.

If the customer is new, you won’t’ have browsing history data to show personalized product suggestions. So, let’s feature the best sellers to show what people are purchasing.

7. Pop-ups

Things have changed for pop-ups.

Now we have more targeted data to reach users in a more personal way. So yes, pop-ups are also a good idea for product recommendations. There are many strategies to engage customers to buy something from your eCommerce: display a time-limited discount or pack of products, make your most loyal customers feel special with exclusive products or special picks, or even exclusive new arrivals.

A cross-sell pop-up during checkout or an exit pop-up is also a good possibility to show some undiscovered items during the search experience. Just be sure to make the right recommendations without overwhelming your customers.

We hope you found these product recommendation examples useful for your strategy and encourages you to bring a better experience for your customer.